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DogFence™ - The Smart Perimeter Collar

DogFence™ - The Smart Perimeter Collar

DogFence™ - The Smart Perimeter Collar

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Keeps Your Dogs On Your Property

Teach your dogs how to stay within a certain area with the DogFence™. As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is for your dog to stay close to your home.


Protects Your Dog From Danger

Keep your dogs safe without worry! The DogFence™ will automatically teach your dog how to stay within your desired safe area so they don't get hurt. 



Safe And Effective

The DogFence™ was designed with safety in mind for your dog. The collar always provides a sound warning as your dog approaches your set boundary, and if they get too close, a gentle shock is applied to merely provide a feeling of discomfort rather than pain.

Eventually, your dog will associate the sound warning with the discomfort and will turn back once the sound warning is heard.


How It Works

Step 1: Use a shovel to create the perimeter around your house by simply pushing the shovel into the ground to create a long slit. Run the wire through this and cover the top with dirt. 

Step 2: Connect two ends of the wire into the receiver box.

Step 3: Plant the small flags into the perimeter as visual warnings.

Step 4: Put the collar on your dog(s) and adjust the intensity.


Suitable For All Breeds

The adjustable collar lets the DogFence™ fit any breed of dog!  



Additional Features

✔️  Wire is 300 meters long

✔️  Adjustable intensity

✔️  Guaranteed to last a lifetime


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