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CatMat™ - The One Step Litter Cleaner

CatMat™ - The One Step Litter Cleaner

CatMat™ - The One Step Litter Cleaner

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Prevent Cat Litter From Leaving the Litterbox

As cat owners ourselves, we know that our cats often create a mess near their litterbox. The CatMat™'s specially designed surface was created to collect the litterbox filler that your cat always seems to take out of the litterbox. 


Easy to Clean

The CatMat's bottom waterproof layer captures all the loose litterbox filler, as well as any accidents your pet may have while standing over it. You can simply wipe away any liquid mess, and pour back the loose litter into your litterbox. 



How it Works

Step 2: Place the CatMat™ at the entrance of your cat's litterbox.



Step 2: When your cat leaves its litterbox, all the loose filler will get captured by the CatMat™.



Step 3: Simply open the CatMat™ by detaching the velcro tabs, then pour the loose litterbox filler back into your litterbox!



Additional Features

✔️  Waterproof EVA bottom layer 

✔️  46cm x 60cm (18in x 24in)

✔️  Guaranteed to last a lifetime


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